Balance Transfer Credit Cards For Bad Credit

The introductory offers can be attractive and helpful to manage debt. Balance transfer credit cards for bad credit would in theory allow you to reduce the cost of existing debt by providing a low introductory interest rate.

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No major issuers show more currently offer worthwhile balance transfer.

Balance transfer credit cards for bad credit. For that introductory period more if not all of your monthly payment will go towards clearing debt rather than towards interest charges. Reality is a bit different though. If you re lucky you may even find a card issuer willing to offer you 0 apr on balance transfers with no fee.

Balance transfer credit card offers are tools to attract new customers. It s hard to get approved for a traditional balance transfer credit card with bad credit. Balance transfer credit cards let you move your existing debt onto a new credit card and benefit from an introductory low or 0 interest rate.

Balance transfers advertiser disclosure. Issuers of balance transfer cards typically require a good or excellent credit score to qualify which is 670 or higher on the 850 point fico credit scoring scale. How to do a balance transfer when you have bad credit.

What credit unions and banks get out of balance transfer cards. Chances are your current credit card issuer will have an offer slightly above 0 apr such as 1 99 or something similar along with a balance transfer fee. Transferring a balance when your credit is not stellar can be hard but not impossible and you might have other options to pay down card debt.

But once the introductory period ends interest rates revert to a much higher rate.

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