Glade Plug In Toxic To Cats

Here is a list of some essential oils that are known to be toxic to cats. After seeing some discussion online about the dangers of diffusing essential oils in a household with pets i began to wonder if plug in air fresheners such as air wick glade etc pose similar dangers to pets if they also contain essential oils for example air wick has a line of lavender chamomile essential oil scented plug ins.

Are Air Fresheners And Essential Oils Dangerous To Our Pets

As far as the dangers of plug in air fresheners you bring up a great point.

Glade plug in toxic to cats. Learn more about the dangers to pets from scented products. It is a more common problem in cats than dogs but can cause burns in the mouth and esophagus that can be very bad. While using them in small amounts may be harmless i m not willing to take the chance with so many other great oils.

So far i know not to use ea tree oil oregano oil wintergreen oil and thyme oil around my cat or dogs because they are said to be toxic. However many flowers are toxic to cats. Do pet owners need to throw away sprays plug ins candles and solids.

Some of the things we do to improve our environment can pose serious dangers to our animal friends whether furry feathered or scaled. Keep your house smelling good without hurting your cat. According to the natural resources defense council nrdc study hidden hazards of air fresheners 12 of 14 air fresheners they tested contained phthalates.

The health hazards of plug in air fresheners exposed one of the primary concerns health experts have about plug in air fresheners is their wide spread use of phthalates. Peppermint oregano clove sage citrus oils lavender melaleuca tea tree oil cinnamon cassia wintergreen thyme birch bergamot pine spruce any other oils containing phenols. Making matters worse the aromatic plant materials and essential oils used to create the scent in incense can also lead to all the other problems mentioned above.

Everybody loves the sweet smells of air sprays scented candles and plug ins. Are air fresheners safe for pets. Cats can be extremely sensitive to smoke which is a major factor in worsening and perhaps even causing cat asthma and other respiratory conditions.

But that sweet smell could lead to bitter health issues. Many air fresheners have chemicals or other ingredients harmful to cats. Storage and usage of air fresheners even if you are using safe products like some essential oils these can still be extremely harmful to your cat if it ingests them.

I ve not read about the dangers of plug in air fresheners to pets but you are right they are at nose level. Risks of essentials oils. Pet safe alternatives to scented candles and plugins.

According to a study conducted by the natural resources defence council nrdc 86 of air fresheners tested contained phthalates. Plug in air fresheners are toxic to pets in particular because they are right at nose level and can really affect a cat s breathing.

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