How To Fix Deep Scratches On Carbon Fiber

In this video we will show you how to repair cracks and scratches on your carbon fiber parts. You may use a surface finish.

Polishing Carbon Fiber

Do a close inspection of your bike top to bottom and look for cracks or deep scratches.

How to fix deep scratches on carbon fiber. This procedure applies to pretty much all your carbon fiber parts such as. Repair scratches and chips on your carbon aluminum bicycle frame. As it is made of carbon fiber cf composite never rub the surface with a file or sand paper.

As i slid it back down happy with showing off my cleat just scraped the edge of the top tube and put a set of dimpled scratches right into the red stripe of. How do i remove small scratches from my carbon fiber frame frame of what. It makes the fibers to be exposed.

9 july 2013 bek how.

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