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Having any amount of a controlled substance including heroin marijuana inhalants and amphetamines in your blood. You probably know you can get into trouble for driving under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug however prescription medications legally prescribed for you by your doctor to help you cope with conditions like depression or sleep problems can also put you at risk of a dui charge.

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This comes as a huge surprise to many of my clients who think of duis as involving alcohol or maybe street drugs.

Pa dui laws prescription drugs. Pennsylvania drug laws make possession of certain controlled substances a punishable offense. The rationale behind this is that some of these drugs may cause impairment. Being charged with dui prescription drugs medication in pa.

Act 24 which lowered pennsylvania s legal limit of alcohol from 10 to 08 was signed into law on september 30 2003 the new driving under the influence dui law creates a tiered approach toward dui enforcement and treatment and includes many changes to the penalties terms of suspension fines and other requirements. If you re charged under the state s drug possession laws the penalties you may face will depend on four main factors. Home pittsburgh dui lawyer driving under the influence of prescription drugs.

Yes in pennsylvania if you are on prescription medication from your doctor for physical or mental ailments and you drive you can be charged with a dui. The state of pennsylvania uses a per se law when charging dui d cases meaning if any amount of any drug on a specific list is found in your system at the time of your arrest you ll face charges under the state s highest impairment tier which carries the most serious penalties. Pennsylvania s dui laws which also apply to drunk driving prohibit driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle while.

Shrager today for a free legal consultation. In dui law pennsylvania considers prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor in almost the same light as it does illegal drugs. A dui prescription medication charge in pa does not mean that you will be convicted.

Under the influence of drugs to the extent that it impairs your ability to safely drive or. Pennsylvania s drug possession laws. Perhaps it isn t.

Many people who are arrested for dui drugs did not even realize the medicine they took could impair their driving. Under pennsylvania impaired driving laws police can charge you with drugged driving also called duid even if you re taking a prescription drug under a valid prescription. You can be charged with driving under the influence and your penalties may be as strict as if you tested for having twice the legal limit of alcohol in your blood pennsylvania s highest dui punishment level.

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