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While the ideal situation is one in which both parents are responsible for exactly 50 percent of their child s finances the ideal. Free consultation call 954 229 1660 alan r.

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In some families the parental.

Florida child custody laws 50 50. Custody and parenting decisions are based mainly on the best interests of the child that means the entire custody decision revolves around children s interests not parent s interests. A florida 50 50 parenting plan is not required by law. Is child support necessary if the parents split custody 50 50.

For more general information on child custody laws take a look at our article on state child custody laws. Below you ll find information on florida s child custody laws including whether the child s wishes are considered whether joint custody is an option and whether grandparents have visitation rights. Child support is not something either party can waive as child support is a right of the child pursuant to the aforementioned statute.

If the court uses this evidence to grant or deny child custody it must state in writing that the evidence was considered in the child s best interest. While the courts are moving away from automatically assigning father s a weekend only relationship with their children an equal timesharing schedule is not always easy to obtain. Neither case law nor statutory law the rules may change based on several legislative initiatives before the florida legislature provides for a guaranteed 50 50 timesharing child custody arrangement.

Divorce is a stressful time and even more so when young children are involved. Is 50 50 timesharing a myth under florida law. Ralph northam approved a bill that will mandate the courts give great weight to awarding joint child custody to both parents in divorces a little more than two years after florida gov.

Rick scott vetoed a bill with a similar premise. Before granting florida father s child custody rights the court looks at any evidence of domestic abuse child abuse child neglect child abandonment or sexual abuse. There are a lot of misconceptions about florida child support but by far one of the biggest is that child support is only necessary if one parent has more custody than the other this is not the case.

The court must consider all of the factors in florida statute 61 13 3 a t in order to determine the best timesharing schedule for the children. Florida child custody statutes. Boca raton family lawyer.

New child custody laws in florida june 1st 2018 a landmark day for family law came in virginia friday as gov. Often a misconception that is heard from clients is we re going to do 50 50 custody and she doesn t want child support. In florida child support is governed by florida statute 61 30.

You may have heard florida is a 50 50 child custody state but there is no statutory requirement that mom and dad will split 50 50 parenting time in fact nowhere is this mentioned in florida law. Child custody law in florida is based on florida statutes prior court decisions and the general policy and attitudes of the courts. Burton is dedicated to helping individuals and families with family issues including family and divorce cases.

You likely have questions about child custody and how often you will be able to see your children.

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