Valuable Rare Hot Wheels Cars

You can also check the car s undercarriage to look for the number of rivets legit hong kong models only have one. Officially known among hot wheels heads as the hot wheels collector number 271 with a blue card there.

The Title Holder This Jewel Encrusted Hot Wheels Commemorative

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Valuable rare hot wheels cars. Mattel manufactured the custom. This is another car that ranks quite low in terms of value priced at just 80. 21 1974 magenta rodger dodger with white interior 3000.

According to zarnock most of these cars exist in blue with rare variations being orange red green copper and green enamel. Everyone loves scooby doo and this one of a kind hot wheels car is definitely one of the rarest available today. 21 rodger that dodger.

Color and feature variations. This time around it s a texaco tanker truck. So what makes this version valuable.

20 1968 brown. It turns out some of them would. The world s favorite toy cars hot wheels and matchbox are celebrating anniversaries this year.

But again this is still a stunning amount to pay for something like this. The most valuable hot wheels cars ever 22 1968 dodge deora 1. As of about two years ago there are only 7 that have been authenticated so that leaves only 5 original funny cars to be found and verified.

22 mac mutt daddy. 271 funny car is most probably the rarest hot wheels car from the 90s and is worth around 3 500 now but who s to say that that number will not go up exponentially in the future. First issued in 1974 rodger dodgers with a black interior.

Please review the images carefully and ask questions some are in better condition than others and none were stored in a vacuum chamber or under a salt dome. This hot wheels car is a prototype for what would become a final toy but slightly different and that makes it super rare and valuable. 24 pink beach bomb.

Although these beaters don t burn oil they fall under the same price range as real cars that. Volkswagen beetles have always been among the most popular and highly collected hot wheels cars. The top shelf category will feature rare and hard to find hot wheels such as super chromes flying colors and more.

The final truck first released in 1992 first had logos for unocal otherwise known as 76 and gulf and didn t get the texaco logo until years later. 25 hot wheels cars that are worth a fortune today. Hot wheels just turned 50 years old while matchbox cars are 65.

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The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars Ever Hot Wheels Hot Wheels

The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars Ever Hot Wheels Cars Toys

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The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars Ever Hot Wheels Cars Hot

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The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars Ever Hot Wheels Cars Hot

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