What Are The Different Ranges Of Credit Scores

In the case of fico scores if you consistently score above 800 it s like getting straight a s. Luckily while it was once difficult if not impossible to get your hands on your credit score the modern digital world offers a surplus of websites and apps that make it easy to quickly find out.

Cibil Credit Score Also Referred To As Transunion Cibil Score Is A

Breaking down credit score ranges.

What are the different ranges of credit scores. Each of the major credit bureaus experian equifax and transunion has it s own credit score which is determined from the information held within your credit report. There are several possible reasons that your scores are different. If you ve ever purchased a three in one credit score or retrieved your free credit scores from multiple sites in a single day you might have noticed that your credit scores are different for the three credit bureaus having different credit scores is normal.

The most common scores range from 300 points to 850 points. For example fico and vantagescore use similar criteria for determining a score. Here are some of the important components in formulating your scores though take note that these factors are not weighted equally.

The higher your score the better. Here s why that happens. More credit scores and their ranges.

But the fico credit score isn t the only credit score around. Each of the credit bureaus has their own model for calculating credit scores as well as their own credit score range. Helping lenders and other potential creditors such as landlords and utility companies understand how risky it may be to do.

Scores are from different dates scores are calculated using different models scores are calculated using different credit reports. Think of your credit scores as a report card that gauges your creditworthiness. Here are some different credit scores and their credit score ranges.

A credit score in this range isn t all that different from the 760 799 category though there are some pricing thresholds for fico scores of 760 and above. While scores below 550 are seen as poor. When trying to understand the different types of credit scores you have to look at different scores separately.

Once you dive into the world of credit scores you learn pretty quickly that you want to maintain a number in the right credit score range for access to the best card options perks and rates. However in both cases the higher the credit score the lower the. Credit scores that fall between the 600 and 750 range and are considered good.

There are common traits among different credit scores. To interpret your credit score and what it tells you about your borrowing power you need to understand where the score falls along the score range between the lowest and highest numbers generated by its scoring system. For example when applying for a mortgage a borrower with a 760 credit score may secure a slightly lower interest rate than a borrower with a 730 credit score.

All credit scores have the same basic goal. Both fico and vantagescore range from 300 to 850 although the way each parses its scores into different classifications vary.

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