Cost To Charge Electric Car Vs Gas

Thankfully that statement will not be true into the future. We re using the 2019 fuel economy guide to compare the cost of driving an ev to a gas vehicle over the course of one year.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Vehicle Electric

Cost to charge an electric car vs.

Cost to charge electric car vs gas. Is 2 69 per gallon 3 if an average gas car gets 25 miles per gallon of gas we ll multiply that by four to get the cost for 100 miles. Although you don t pay a gas pump type fee every time you charge your ev battery the electricity being used to charge your battery counts towards your home electric bill. What you need to know.

You ll also need to carefully plan for when you charge up your car. 2 69 x 4 10 76 per 100 miles. While electric car technology is in its infancy i thought it would be helpful to break down what it s like to own an ev when compared to a tradition gasoline vehicle.

Fill up a gas car. This guide released by the u s. You are probably familiar with the term miles per gallon especially as it relates to the cost of fueling a gas powered car.

Electric vehicles can t go as far as gas powered ones. Yes evs are more expensive than gas cars. Electricity were not generated by the cheapest methods burning fossil fuels hydro and nuclear reaction.

A green car will take you an average of 60 120 miles on a single charge while a traditional car will take you about 300 miles on a single tank of gas. Comparatively the average cost per kwh was 14 cents. The cost to run an electric vehicle is slightly more complicated.

That s how much you could save per year by switching to an electric vehicle. A car rated at 30 mpg will cost less money in fuel over time than a car rated at 20 mpg. Electricity cost would also be higher if some 95 percent of u s.

The national average cost of a gallon of gas in june of 2019 was 2 81. In comparison the average price of gas in the u s. Yearly electric cost 0 mile.

Should electric cars become ubiquitous electricity will be taxed to yield that revenue. As electric vehicle technology continues to improve and the cost of the vehicles continues to fall more and more americans are making the switch to electric. If you re curious about how much you could save be sure to check out energy gov egallon for the latest egallon price in your state.

Consider how far you need to drive. Yearly gas cost 0 mile. How much will it cost to drive an electric car for a year.

Should it originate from wind and solar it would cost three to eight times more. Department of energy and the epa assumes that the average person drives approximately 15 000 miles per year. Cost of driving an electric vehicle vs a regular gas powered car.

Switching to an electric vehicle will save you money on fuel costs but there are other maintenance related savings too.

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