Whats The Highest Credit Score

For both the vantagescore and base fico score models the lowest score is 300 and the highest credit score is 850. The highest credit score you can achieve under perfect circumstances is 850 using the fico model.

Get The Highest Credit Score Possible New Credit Card Study

While having the highest credit score can certainly give you bragging rights it isn t necessary to achieve and means very little to lenders.

Whats the highest credit score. Have achieved this feat. However any score over 740 is generally considered to be great and puts you in range for the best interest rates on things like credit cards mortgages and car loans. The highest credit score you can get is most often an 850 on two commonly used ranges.

It is represented via a 3 digit number that ranges from 300 900 your credit score should be closer to 900 to get the best deals on interest rates for loan. A credit score represents your ability to repay the credit such as loan or credit card. What is having the highest credit score good for.

The highest credit score you can get is 850. Vantagescore and fico are the two main credit scoring models. Individuals with a score this high have near perfect credit management which is why only 1 2 of consumers in the u s.

Once you have a credit score of 780 or above you are considered low risk and pretty much guaranteed any loan you apply for. But even if you have responsible credit habits don t be surprised if you check your scores and find that you are below 850. But scores of 720 and up are generally considered.

While the highest credit score you can achieve will vary by scoring model the two primary credit scoring models a lender will use to judge your creditworthiness fico and vantagescore top out at 850 this may be an enticing goal for some but it may not be a realistic pursuit. There is no prize no special deal and not even any lasting bragging right to attaining the highest credit score. About 1 of scorable consumers achieve the perfect score.

In comparison the average credit score in the u s. Fico says 35 of your score derives from your payment history and 30 from the amount you owe credit. And it s not like you can know with absolute certainty what is affecting your credit score.

That s because credit scores are a snapshot in time and can change with regular financial behaviors such as opening new credit lines or loans paying off loans taking on debt and making on time payments or missing them as.

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