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There is no used car lemon law in north carolina though some vehicles that are bought used that are still under their manufacturer warranties may qualify. Although north carolina s lemon law does not apply to used cars you may still have potential legal remedies.

Lemon Law For New Cars So The Car You Bought Is A Lemon Now What

Many people also use the term lemon law to describe a wide range of consumer protection laws that cover consumer goods such as refrigerators.

Lemon law nc. Under lemon laws if a car has a defect that is covered under warranty and the dealership cannot fix the problem after several attempts at repair the buyer has a right to a replacement car or a refund. Mcneil of raleigh helps protect those rights. If you purchased or leased a new or used vehicle in north carolina and have had one or more ongoing problems with the vehicle that the dealership or manufacturer has not been able to fix you may qualify for recovery under the nc lemon law.

Is my vehicle a lemon. Our lemon law firm helps consumers who have purchased new vehicles that have experienced defects that a manufacturer or seller is unable or unwilling to repair under the warranty. Lemon aid may include a refund replacement or diminished value and or incidental and consequential damages.

The north carolina lemon law is a form of consumer protection for owners of newly purchased vehicles. It requires manufacturers to repair defects that affect the use value or safety of a new motor vehicle within the first 24 months or 24 000 miles whichever comes first. North carolina s lemon laws protect car buyers against many defects.

The 1987 general assembly enacted a lemon law to give better remedies to north carolina consumers who buy or lease a new car that is a lemon the lemon law a defines clearly what cars are lemons b spells out exactly the relief to which the purchaser of and consumer leasing a lemon is entitled and c provides that a manufacturer who unreasonably refuses to grant to the buyer of or consumer leasing a lemon the relief to which he is entitled must pay the consumer triple. Lemon vehicles in north carolina can get the squeeze by either the north carolina lemon law the magnuson moss warranty act the federal lemon law or both. The north carolina lemon law also known as the new motor vehicles warranties act n c g s.

If the vehicle is not under manufacturer warranty our firm is unable to assist you. 20 351 applies to new passenger cars pick up trucks motorcycles and most vans bought in north carolina. North carolina s lemon law is officially known as the new motor vehicles warranties act and according to the law the manufacturer must replace the vehicle or refund the customer s money a choice made by the consumer.

The north carolina lemon law applies to the following new vehicles purchased in north carolina. The federal law known as the magnuson moss warranty act applies to used vehicles that are still under the original manufacturer s warranty. A defect can seem small such as a rattle that won t go away but you re still entitled to use the lemon law.

You must have abused the vehicle manufacturers sometimes claim a defect was due to misuse or abuse. North carolina lemon law is written so that any defect a manufacturer can t fix entitles the owner for remedies under the lemon law.

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