How To Fix Small Scratches On Car Paint

Here we show a super trick way how to fill in bad paint scratches and chips on any car truck suv or motorhome. Purchase a scratch removal product or kit.

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First is the black tinted sandable primer.

How to fix small scratches on car paint. Washing and drying the car carefully. On to the sprays. Add a coat of paint to the scratch.

Sanding the scratched area. This even works on paint chips with dents. You can buy scratch removal products at auto supply stores or in the auto.

It feels very wrong to lean into your fender with a folded piece of 180 grit but that s what you have. It is important to make sure that the area is. How to fix a car paint scratch step 1.

To repair scratches apply the brush head to the syringe and load it with a small amount of touch up paint. It fills in the sandpaper scores with. After the car has been cleaned and dried you can apply a high quality car care product like meguiar s scratchx or any other well respected brand onto the foam applicator pad.

If the scratch is fairly small try dabbing the paint onto the scratch and allowing it to spread and settle on its own. Other manufacturer s include mother s eagle one and turtle wax. Car touch up paint can be found at most home centers.

Preparing the paint for repair step 1. Part 2 of 4. In this step all you need is washing your car thoroughly in order to.

Sand the affected area. Allow the primer to dry completely. Wash your car so there is no dirt or debris left in the scratch.

All of these products have the intent to remove. Required tools for this auto touch up paint project. Then take your automotive paint and apply a layer of it over the area you painted with primer.

Our secret method works every time. The purpose of this step is stripping away the top paint layers. Then apply light pressure to the plunger as you guide the brush head all along the scratch.

Using paint to fix deep scratches on car step 1. A clean workspace will ensure that dirt and dust don t cause any further abrasions to your. Random isolated scratches 2.

Using a scratch removal product for small scratches 1. After washing the affected area you will want to sand the area surrounding the scratch.

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