How To Remove Rust From Cast Iron Stove Top

Place it on the cast iron cut side down and scrub the salt in to remove rust. Rub the potato in a circular motion.

How To Remove Rust From A Cast Iron Pan And Season It Properly On

Wipe with vinegar soaked rag occasionally as you work to see if bare iron.

How to remove rust from cast iron stove top. Learn how to remove rust from cast iron pan and season it properly on stove top. Dry any excess oil. Best practices for removing rust from cast iron.

Use a great deal of pressure as this will help scrape off the rust. Also learn how to season an unseasoned new cast iron pan before you start to use it. How to remove rust from cast iron using dish soap.

Next use the damp cloth or shop vac to remove the loose rust from the surface of the stove. Use a sea salt and potato scrubbing combo. Cut a potato in half.

Next use a paper towel and gently scrub the rust spots until they flake away. Finally apply the black grate polish with a dry cotton cloth working in small circles. You should quickly see a change from orange to brown or black as the iron underneath is once again exposed.

Pull on a pair of work gloves and mask especially if removing paint in the process so that you don t inhale the dust. The potato will be coarse enough to rub away rust as you rub the salt into the cast iron. Remove minor traces of rust with oil and heat.

All it takes is just 15 mins of your time on stove top to season the pan.

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