Car Warranty Companies Scams

It goes like this. As you attempt to navigate around the worst extended auto warranty companies it helps to know what red flags to look for during your search.

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Car warranty company red flags.

Car warranty companies scams. You get a call saying your car warranty is about to expire but that you can pay a. Be wary about companies that you might not be able to find quickly with an internet search or aren t from your automaker or local dealer. The federal trade commission just mailed 4 million in refunds to consumers who were scammed by a fake car warranty.

To discern if this type of call is fraudulent is that the scammer may have specific information about your particular car and warranty that they use to deceive. How to spot auto warranty scams. These scammers and poor performing extended car warranty companies have another method to utilize in attempting to steal your hard earned dollars.

Number or bank account information to any caller unless you can verify you are dealing directly with a legitimate company with which you have. Consumer reports says that even so such scams continue. Third party warranty companies may give you the option to take your car into the dealership but the reimbursement process can be a hassle if a company doesn t want to cover a part.

Do not get tricked into buying an extended car warranty scam. By now you probably believe your scam proof when it comes to dealing with extended car warranty companies but as with most scams it s a little more complex than that. If you have an automobile warranty you may start receiving calls about extending it.

What these people are actually trying to sell you are service contracts which don t provide as many benefits as. Follow this guide on what to look for and how to avoid getting scammed. 5 auto warranty scams you should know about.

Car warranty scams are a growing problem now that people s contact information and other details are easy to get online. I wasted as much of her time as i could and when i revealed i was. Watch out for auto warranty scams.

The car warranty scam has been going around for years but it has really revved up lately. However it s still essential to keep up with scam trends. The 6 best extended car warranty companies of 2020.

Home sick today and was lucky to receive and record a scam company calling on my phone about my warranty on a car i do not own.

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