Washington State Divorce Laws Spousal Support

Our washington spousal support attorneys can help you understand the laws regarding washington alimony. Spousal support also known as spousal maintenance or alimony is money paid by the higher wage earning spouse to the lower wage earning spouse for many washington men this means paying their wives monthly alimony during and after the divorce.

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Divorce laws in washington state when a spouse is cheating courts make it relatively easy if not painless to calculate child support with worksheets and specific equations that let you crunch numbers and come up with something close to what you ll owe when you divorce.

Washington state divorce laws spousal support. Rcw 26 09 090 allows for the award of maintenance in a dissolution action. Understanding the legal implications of marriage and divorce in washington state july 2019 family law handbook. This article provides a detailed description of washington state s spousal maintenance laws and norms.

We can help you acquire the support you need after a divorce or even adjust the plan according to your current situation. The purpose of maintenance payments in washington is to ensure that neither spouse is left destitute during or after a divorce. Alimony also called spousal support or maintenance is a monetary award paid by one spouse to the other after marital property has been divided by the court.

It s a type of support that requires one party in a divorce to make supplemental payments to the other in the event that a divorce has negative financial consequences such as a lack of property or assets and a decrease in income that would otherwise not occur during the marriage. For instance it is probably not a good idea to buy a new luxury car in the middle of your divorce while simultaneously pleading poverty. Opposing a spousal support award in washington state.

Alimony spousal maintenance is a court ordered payment that one spouse makes to the other. An overview of washington spousal support laws the following table provides an overview of spousal support laws in washington as well as links to relevant statutes. If you are opposing a spousal support award then you should likewise act in a way that maintains your credibility with the court and with the other party.

Washington state law sets forth the procedure for dividing property and awarding alimony when spouses divorce or a domestic partnership dissolves. Spousal maintenance is washington s term for alimony the court ordered payments an ex spouse makes to the other spouse on a monthly basis for the recipient s financial upkeep. The court encourages both spouses to be self supporting but also understands that especially in situations where one spouse left a career to raise a family some spouses.

While this is a good place to start learning more about the law it s important to read the actual statute and consult with an attorney when you have specific questions. Maintenance during a dissolution action. The basic definition of alimony in washington.

Washington state spousal support learn everything you need to know about spousal support formerly known as alimony. This article also describes the laws and norms pertaining to undifferentiated family support which is a.

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