Are Electric Blankets Safe Emf

Guide on how to convert a electric blanket to emf free. For electric blankets the levels of radiation can be quite high because of the heating element.

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Are electric blankets safe emf.

Are electric blankets safe emf. What s more they spend a long time in close contact with our bodies which can be harmful. That s right try a good old fashioned non electric blanket to get snug as a bug. Emf radiation from electric blankets advanced micro plush electric blanket full size large thedic heated blankets with auto shut off 20 level settings pre heat ul certified emf.

This type of electric blanket literally blankets you in high powered low frequency emf radiation which penetrates your body. In 1990 the american journal of epidemiology published a study on the use of electric blankets which demonstrated a quadrupling in the risk of brain tumors amongst children whose mothers used an electric blanket in the first trimester of pregnancy. Sources of elf emfs include power lines electrical wiring and electrical appliances such as shavers hair dryers and electric blankets.

How to make emf free safe electric blanket. Electric blankets like all other electric devices emit emf radiation. Using an electric blanket according to the manufacturer s instructions helps decrease the risk for injury and other dangers of electric blankets.

Electric blankets typically save money compared to turning up the heat when the temperatures drop but they also present some dangers. Electric blankets especially on a cold winter day like the day i m writing this are a great way to warm up and stay cozy. The most common sources of radiofrequency radiation are wireless telecommunication devices and equipment including cell phones smart meters and portable wireless devices such as tablets and laptop computers 1.

However as more people become aware of the dangers of emf radiation they start to ask themselves is this electric blanket safe to be using. If you leave your heating blanket on at night this is considered chronic exposure. March 12 2020 march 12 2020 admin.

Some of the warmest materials for blankets are wool cotton fleece and cashmere. You can double down on warmth by making sure your sheets are made from these warmer materials as well. If you use a heating blanket or electric blanket at night you should stop.

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