Cleaning White Wall Motorcycle Tires

Brake dust and road grime are two of the common elements that require regular cleaning. But nothing can be a bigger bummer than when they get stained from dirt grease or road grime.

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How to clean white wall tires.

Cleaning white wall motorcycle tires. Then i went to black wall tires and now i use puddles to clean them revbigjohn. How to wash whitewall motorcycle tires and wheels safely washing your motorcycle tires especially whitewalls can be a bit tricky. Use baking soda or eraser cleaning pads to.

Whitewall tires are attractive to own but they require maintenance. For a while now there hasn t been anything to get that shine out of my white walls like beforw. Whitewall tires need regular cleaning to remove road dirt and brake dust as well as to keep them looking their best.

Use an sos pad to clean them thoroughly. This film protects your white walls from scuffing or discoloration until they are in your hands. Cleaning white wall tires duration.

When you buy white wall motorcycle tires there is a blue film on them from the factory. White wall cleaner or your house hold clorox bleach. Wide whitewall tires are the kings of cool when it comes to old cars and they really make your ride standout.

With a little bleach and a stiff fingernail brush to clean mine. How to clean white wall tires. How to quickly clean stubborn dirty whitewall tires.

Cleaning your whitewall tires starts with buying a good all natural tire cleaner and devoting time to scrubbing them. While you can use plain soap and water it can be a chore and. Here are tips for how to clean whitewall tires as well as for how to remove blemes and brighten the white.

Harley white wall tires cleaning tip. How to wash whitewall motorcycle tires and wheels. Nothing can make a car look better than a nice set of wheels and tires.

Fred77 july 2 2014 3 01 am. I liked the look of white wall tires as long as they were not on my bike. White wall cleaner vs clorox bleach lowlows more.

With all the whitewall cleaners on the market today a scrub brush and a can of cleanser may reveal the age of a biker or car enthusiast. You can clean whitewall.

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