Colorado Dui Laws 2nd Offense

Colorado dui law 42 4 1301 2 a states that it is a misdemeanor offense for any person with a blood alcohol concentration of 08 or greater to operate a motor vehicle in the state of colorado. The lawyers of the tiftickjian law firm are dedicated to protecting the legal rights accused of dui and other crimes in and around the denver area.

Current Colorado Dui Laws Penalties Dui Process

A second time dui in colorado will result in possible jail time a suspended license fines and dui school.

Colorado dui laws 2nd offense. To schedule a consultation with one of our dui defense attorneys call our office today at 303 384 5280. Like sentencing guidelines for most crimes penalties get harsher depending on your. In colorado drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is a misdemeanor criminal offense.

An offender is considered to have a prior conviction if the person has previously been convicted of dui dui per se or dwai in colorado or another state. The penalties for a dui increase with each additional drunk driving conviction. What most people are not aware of is that the state of colorado can also arrest you for driving while ability impaired or dwai if you are.

Like other states colorado punishes drivers more severely if they are picked up for more than one dui. Dwai is typically considered to be a less serious offense but once an offender has a prior conviction the penalties for dui dui per se and dwai are the same. Colorado dui laws are some of the toughest in the country.

So if you are caught driving under the influence again you know what penalties you will receive and what to expect right. Dui laws 2nd offense. If you have been convicted of a dui you know firsthand that colorado takes the offense very seriously and there can be harsh consequences for driving under the influence.

Colorado statute 42 4 1307 lays out the penalties the judge can impose after a conviction which can have lifelong consequences highlighting the importance of retaining a skilled and experienced dui attorney as early on in the process as possible. Contact a dui defense attorney today to schedule a free consultation. In this article.

Colorado Dui Laws

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