How To Donate Eyes

In case of a natural death any member of the family closed to the person who has died can call us on 7022161111 and we will coordinate with the nearest eye bank to facilitate eye donation. When you are donating your eyes you are giving life to someone.

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There is no question of the safety of donating the eyes for the very simple reason that you do not donate eyes when you are alive.

How to donate eyes. It is a great feeling when we donate our eyes to a person who has lived in darkness and brighten their lives to see the world. Please remember the following after making the call to the eye banks. To donate your eyes after death start by registering as an organ donor with your state.

If you drive you can also register as an organ donor when you renew your driver s license. This is a will or desire. To make a decision of donating eyes after death is not an easy one.

The relatives of the deceased person can donate the eyes of their beloved ones immediately after the death. Let s overcome the superstitious beliefs and try to make change in someone s life. So call any eye bank very near to you.

The reasons are many including a lack of awareness among general public rigid traditional beliefs coupled with infrastructural barriers which make this noble act an uphill battle. As explained already the eyes need to be collected within six hours of death. This video is unavailable.

Eye donation banks are available in approximately every region these days. You can find your state s donor registry online at the u s. If you can t manage to find one physically you can search for it over the internet with your area s name written in search box of any search engine as a keyword along with the word eye.

From darkness to light is the most precious and biggest of all gifts a person can get. Eye organ donation. We all know that there is a severe dearth of eye donors in india.

Keep both eyes of the beloved deceased. Contact a netralaya in your area netralaya is a hindi word which means eye bank. We should come forward to donate our eyes.

I have pledged my eyes. How to donate eyes after death procedure 1. How to donate eyes in india.

Department of health human services website. You donate eyes when you are dead. We at visionmate foundation work on creating awareness to donate eyes.

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