500 Dollar Car Payment Reddit

He currently has a 500 monthly car payment and owes 25 000 on it. Driving that car was cheaper than the bus.

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Kbb puts the car s value at around 20 21k in its current condition.

500 dollar car payment reddit. I m looking to pay around 200 a month for the actual car and maybe 100 a month for gas. We re both idiots when it comes to money but i think this is an outrageous amount of money to be paying for a car every month. I ve got a 2010 lexus i purchased 12 months ago whose payment is 535 a month.

Then the car after that pay most all in cash. If i had of financed it where i am and paid it off at the 128 per week over 7 years that my bank is telling me on the calculator. That s what personal finance is all about anyway.

Focus on an affordable car now and forget monthly payments since they change with the loan term what matters is the cost of the car financing. Used 2008 hyundai elantra se for sale 500 187 264 miles with child safety satellite radio power outlet category. I just can t help but think he s wasting a considerable amount of money and shouldn t do this.

I know it s horrible. The payment is so high because i ve been rolling negative equity from car to car since i ve been driving. For example if after taxes you make the u s.

I wouldn t pay 500 for a car but 3 000 5 000 has tons of options. It would have cost me 15k in interest. It came out to 22 000 taxes gas netflix insurance and car payments.

I just got a job at the local cinema which will pay around 500 a month. It s on about 50 000 miles put on it and hasn t let me down. I want to get off the wheel.

In two years i ll be in college on a bike friendly campus. Median income of 37 773 you could shop for a car that. Current loan rates for a 60 month term are averaging 6 47 percent.

I hate paying interest. But as a rule of thumb your car payment should not exceed 15 of your post tax monthly pay. I paid 4 000 for my daily driver 6 years ago.

Here are our assumptions. He s also paying 230 a month for insurance on it. We replaced it with a much nicer car that my wife now drives.

You have 2 000 cash you can put in as a down payment and you can afford a payment of 200 a month. That s what i m doing now. Then make a goal to pay half or a third of your next car with cash.

This car would save me an extra hour sleep every morning and i would be home 3 hours earlier after school every day. But he won t listen and says he ll save 50 of the remaining 5000 every month and the other 50 he ll budget for expenses. The interest where i am would have been car higher than i would have earned from the savings.

I would rather not pay 45k for a 30k car.

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