Alabama Expungement Law 2020

A new law in alabama allows individuals to petition to have certain criminal records expunged upon the payment of 300 in fees plus court costs and following a successful petition to the court in which the relevant charge was filed. Summary 2020 03 12 expungement to expand the expungement of criminal records to include convictions of certain misdemeanor offenses traffic violations municipal ordinances and felony offenses to increase the filing fee for expungements secs.

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Section 15 27 12 prerequisites to expungement.

Alabama expungement law 2020. Washington co establish service of process fee for sheriff washington county sheriff s law enforcement fund established 2020 05 18 delivered to governor at 2 58 p m. 1 that the case have been dismissed at least two years prior to filing the expungement petition 2 that the case has not beed refiled and 3 that the person has not been convicted of any other crime excluding minor traffic violations in the past two years. Section 15 27 10 maintenance of files reports etc by law enforcement agencies officials etc.

On may 18 2020. The alabama expungement statute is part of the code of alabama. Section 15 27 11 personal information subject to expungement.

15 27 1 15 27 2 15 27 4 15 27 5 15 27 7 to 15. The alabama expungement law requires a mandatory five 5 year waiting period if your case was dismissed without prejudice from your dismissal date having not been convicted of any other criminal offense except for minor traffic offenses and the charges cannot have been refilled only then can you petition for an expungement. Alabama law contains no statutory provision for expungement or sealing of adult conviction records with one narrowly drawn exception enacted in 2018 to allow expungement of records including convictions resulting from a person s being a victim of human trafficking.

The full text of the statute can be found at alabama code 15 27 1 et seq. This means that among other things a prospective employee would not be required to disclose on an employment application criminal record. A spokeswoman from the alabama law enforcement agency told adn that since 2014 there have been 4 050 expungement cases in alabama.

The most pertinent portion of the expungement law is set out below. In order for charges to be expunged in alabama they have to end with a not guilty verdict a dismissal of the case a grand jury no bill or through completion of a diversion program. Because of this the alabama expungement law requires the following.

Section 15 27 8 records forwarded to and retained by alabama criminal justice information center. Section 15 27 9 records. Alabama s new expungement law if you were charged with a crime as an adult in alabama then you should be aware that there are police and court records about your arrest and court case even if you were found not guilty or the charges were disposed of in your favor.

Alabama expungement statute the details. For information on the statute and facts regarding alabama expungement view these other pages.

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