Credit Check For Employment What Are They Looking For

Some employers perform credit checks on prospective and current employees and use the results in their employment decisions. An employment credit report includes identifying information such as your name address previous names and addresses and social security number.

It Is Important For Hr And Hiring Managers To Run Background

It is up to you whether you are happy with this or not but if the thought of an employer looking into your financial history bothers you it may not be a good idea to apply for that position.

Credit check for employment what are they looking for. Along with your credit history it lists data such as your past employment insurance and legal activity. Employers sometimes check credit to get insight into a potential hire including signs of financial distress that might indicate risk of theft or fraud. Check if you re being asked to authorize a one time credit check or if the company could repeat checks in the future.

Employment credit check uk. Employers may only check your credit reports with your expressed written consent advised michelle. First of all it s important to know that your employer can t just check your credit report without your knowledge and consent so you won t be taken by total surprise at least.

Pre employment credit checks require your permission. An employment credit check is one of many common background checks. Employers who check an applicant s credit typically use a third party company.

The employee credit check returns information from the employee s credit report including court and insolvency data e g. They don t get your credit score. Court judgments edited electoral roll information and a credit score.

An employment credit check in the uk will be conducted if the employer deems it a necessary precaution. Some companies may ask to check your credit report as a part of their application process if you provide a potential or current employer with written permission they can obtain a limited version of your credit report but they will never receive your credit score. And unlike lenders employers don t check credit scores but they may access a comprehensive background report such as the ones available on lexisnexis.

Notify you before you ve been rejected for a job on the basis of your credit. The company must include a copy of the credit report they used to make the call and a summary of your rights under the fair credit reporting act. Because people who work in banks have access to large amounts of money a bank may require that employees have and maintain high credit scores.

Employee credit checks enable employers to assess a candidate s financial background and help to mitigate against possible risks posed to their business by individuals under financial stress. When an employer checks your credit for hiring purposes what are they looking for.

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