Florida Child Labor Laws Entertainment

38 622 rules and regulations may be adopted setting standards for minor children on motion picture sets. Minors who work in drugstores grocery stores department stores florists specialty gift shops or.

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This chart summarizes the child labor laws of the state of florida and the federal fair labor standards act fsla.

Florida child labor laws entertainment. Entertainment industry child labor laws in florida. Florida child labor laws set limitations on the hours in a day and a week youth may work for. Minors and students may additionally be subject to special labor law regulations regarding minimum wage meal and break periods while working and more.

The department shall account for the expenditure of moneys received from the workers. This is not a work permit. They may work in the entertainment industry.

Florida child labor laws also do not apply to employees enrolled in academic work programs currently or formerly married already graduated from high school or discharged from the military. Minors employed in the entertainment industry who have been granted a waiver under florida statute 450 095 who are. The state of florida and the federal fair labor standards act flsa protecting the health education and welfare of minors in the workplace.

These provisions also provide limited exemptions. The stricter provisions must be observed and are denoted by bold lettering. 450 165 child labor law and farm labor accounts.

Professional entertainers who are 17 years old and who are not in school. On a federal level child labor is regulated under the fair labor standards act flsa. Child labor in the entertainment industry is regulated in florida law under 450 132.

The department shall maintain separate accounts in the professional regulation trust fund for child labor law enforcement and administration activities and for farm labor registration activities. The federal law in italics. 38 614 and 616 children employed in the entertainment industry are exempt from child labor requirements except that infants under one month must have written certification from a licensed physician stating that they are at least 15 days old and that they are physically capable of handling the work.

Agricultural child labor laws in florida. Employers or agents must make an application to the division and notify the division showing the date number of days location and date of termination of the work performed by minors in the entertainment industry. The federal child labor provisions authorized by the fair labor standards act flsa of 1938 also known as the child labor laws were enacted to ensure that when young people work the work is safe and does not jeopardize their health well being or educational opportunities.

Florida child labor laws entertainment industry time limitations. Florida child labor laws require entertainment industry employer to provide youth under 18 years of age a. Work permits are issued in florida for the entertainment industry only.

A waiver of the child labor law is needed when minors want to work in the regular workforce beyond the limits of the state law.

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