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A custody order gives responsibility for the child s care and how the child is brought up to one or both of the child s parents or to someone else. This type of child custody involves sharing both physical and legal custody.

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Child custody law in new york state.

New york state divorce law child custody. There are two parts of custody. Rather they have evolved over the years by numerous court decision. In the state of new york the courts generally favor a joint custody arrangement between both parents.

New york child custody laws and courts only enforce sole legal custody in extreme situations because they do not see it as in the best interest of the child. Common myths about ny divorce and child custody many people think that it is impossible to get a divorce in new york if her his spouse will not sign divorce papers. New york child custody laws and courts award temporary custody to one or both co parents after a new york custody case is filed.

New york child custody laws prohibit the court from awarding custody in the presumption that joint custody is suitable without evaluating the aforementioned factors. New york s custody laws are not written in any statute. For new york courts to have jurisdiction on your case the child must have lived in new york for the past six months.

Similarly it is commonly believed that in a divorce retirement benefits belong exclusively to the spouse in whose name the benefits are listed. If the child is younger than six months he or she must have been born in new york except under extenuating circumstances. States have adopted the uniform child custody jurisdiction and enforcement act which fosters legal cooperation with respect to multi state custody cases new york child custody laws comply with the act while also allowing grandparent visitation rights and joint custody.

Regardless of how new york determines its custody laws it is important to understand that conceptually custody cases are unlike most other cases. A new york court can make orders about the child s custody only until the child is 18 years old. Neither parent has a preferred right to custody of their children.

Family law matters generally fall under state jurisdiction including custody. While this is certainly not the case for every family past rulings suggest that many new york courts view joint custody as being in the best interest of the child. Children can only fully determine who they live with after they turn 18.

Custody basics in new york. Child custody laws in new york do not permit a child s preferences to determine child custody. New york law expresses a preference for parents to share as equally as practically possible in the custody of a child in a divorce case.

Much of the reason for this is because child custody laws in new york use the best interest of the child as their primary focus and it can be very stressful and emotionally. When parents separate or divorce the parents or a judge will need to work out a custody schedule a custody order will spell out physical and legal custody visitation logistics and child support physical custody refers to where the child resides. 1 legal custody and 2 physical custody.

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