Ohio Expungement Law 2019

If you have previous convictions for theft crimes or drugs crimes you can seek expungement to get a second chance at life. We represent clients in all 88 counties in ohio and some clients who have moved out of state.

Ohio S New Expungement Law

For adults there are limited cases where a criminal conviction can be completely expunged but usually a record is sealed.

Ohio expungement law 2019. What s new in ohio expungement law for 2019 and 2020. We are ohio s leader in expungement and record sealing. Ohio s new felony expungement rules go into effect on october 29 th of 2018.

About ohio expungement law. Ohio s new expungement law for convictions is found in section 2953 32 of the ohio revised code. If you have been denied a request for expungement in ohio in the past now may be the time to try again.

This means such criminal histories will no longer be searchable via public background check search or through a record request. In ohio and even across the u s expungement and sealing are widely thought to mean the same thing this isn t entirely correct. Under this new law criminal offenders with multiple convictions may now be eligible for expungement.

A 1 except as provided in section 2953 61 of the revised code an eligible offender may apply to the sentencing court if convicted in this state or to a court of common pleas if convicted in another state or in a federal court for the sealing of the record of the case that pertains to the conviction. There are related sections which will also be reviewed in this article. As the name suggests sealed criminal records are denied public access.

Here s a look at what s changing. Those with a history of low level drug and theft charges that were previously prevented from having their cases expunged will be happy to know that the law has changed. Examining ohio s updated expungement law on behalf of gus lazares of rittgers rittgers attorneys at law posted in criminal defense on thursday january 3 2019.

On october 29 2018 ohio passed new laws regulating the sealing of a conviction record or bail forfeiture. Ohio s new expungement statute is good news for those with criminal records struggling to improve their lives after being convicted for a crime. If your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty you may apply for an expungement immediately regardless of the type of case.

Eligible offenders are those who have been convicted of an offense in the state and who have not more than one 1 felony conviction not more than two 2 misdemeanor convictions or not more than one 1 felony conviction and one 1. Contact the meranda law firm ltd to discuss these changes with an experienced. Complete expungement is currently available for juvenile records.

2953 32 sealing of conviction record or bail forfeiture record. Our ohio law firm has been in business and located in central ohio since 1988. In expungement all evidence of the criminal record is destroyed both electronic and physical forms.

Ohio s new and improved expungement and sealing laws ohio senate bill 66 expands number of offenses eligible for expungement effective october 29 th 2018. Have you considered an expunging sealing a criminal record or perhaps you have been denied or told you did not qualify for an expungement in the past.

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