Solo A4 Smoke Detector Tester

It is a professional grade clean material that should be sprayed directly at the smoke detector using the aerosol push button or the solo 330 aerosol dispenser. As a minimum it must comply with international codes and standards and be approved endorsed by detector manufacturers and third party listing agencies but it also needs to be cost effective portable and versatile.

Solo A3 Solo 330 Solo 365 Smoke Detector Testing Smoke

This is a 8 5 ounce synthetic aerosol can of fake smoke.

Solo a4 smoke detector tester. Inserted in the solo 365 tester a solo es3 smoke cartridge will produce a detector friendly smoke compatible with the widest range of detectors. This is the safest way to truly test a smoke detector s ability to detect real smoke in the event of a fire. Rapid activation of detectors.

Solo smoke detector tester hazard pictogram s ghs04 ghs07 signal word s warning. Fire detector test and service equipment must be safe both for engineer and system. Contains gas under pressure.

May explode if heated. The sdi solo a4 is canned smoke designed to test smoke detector. Keep away from heat hot surfaces sparks open flames and other ignition sources.

Non flammable non pressurised non hazardous. Causes serious eye irritation.

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